It’s been just over 3 months since Active Navigation went fully remote. While everyone misses the spoils of our colleagues baking (check out this cookbook for some creative recipes!) and chats about football, both American and European, we’ve learned a lot during this transition.

Similar to many companies, Active Navigation has employees and offices around the globe. Prior to the pandemic, working daily with colleagues in various time zones was routine. Collaborating with the percentage of our workforce who already operated remotely full-time was not out of the ordinary. Offering the flexibility to choose whether to work from home or in the office to those based out of our US and UK headquarters was part of our company culture.

When it became apparent that closing our physical offices was in the best interest of everyone’s health, our employees were well prepared for the challenge of working remotely full-time. For the most part, the company-wide transition was seamless. Using the communication systems and workflow processes we already had in place, we’ve been able to stay connected and productive, without experiencing a seismic shift – perhaps just a slight quake.

You’ll find us active on Slack, chatting via direct messages and keeping up-to-date in group channels. You’ll see us using Zoom to schedule meetings, only now you might get a glimpse into our home offices instead of our headquarters!

Though our casual conversations while waiting for the teapot to boil have been put on hold for a while, it’s business as usual at Active Navigation.

A Sneak Peak Into Some of our #ActiveNav Home Office Setups 

It’s easy to take for granted our in-office sets-ups. But creating your own dedicated workspace in your home is the first step to being productive while working remotely. For me, that means a makeshift desk in the corner of my bedroom (and as far from the kitchen as possible!) For some of my co-workers, that means epic home offices and creative setups – check out a few below!

Abel from our Customer Support team showcases his interests and personality with artwork and décor.

Lynsey, our Sr. Manager of Federal Alliances, created a serene space to ensure focus during work hours.

Sr. Enterprise Sales Engineer, Mark, stays organized with a clean desk, and an Active Navigation notebook!

 Talk about a positive outlook – Analisa, Commercial Channel Manager, has a great view from her home desk!

If you aren’t able to dedicate an area for a home office, try to choose a quiet spot away from distractions, or create a calm environment by closing doors or putting on headphones.

Until then, stay healthy.