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All of your unstructured data repositories in a single pane of glass

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Proprietary Scoring Algorithm

Go beyond a simple list of SSNs to understand the real risk of each data file
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Ready-made Extractors

Configured for common regulations out of the box and extendable to any controls or regulation
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Data Hotspot Identification and Mitigation

Find clusters of regulated or controlled data, drill into the detail and respond defensibly

Don't Leave Your Data In The Dark

Are you still unsure of what data you have, and what's exposed? You're never 100% protected from a data breach, but you can protect what gets exposed.

The ActiveNav Difference

ActiveNav Cloud finds the risk in your unstructured data before it gets exposed, so you can rest easy knowing your data is compliant with regulations and consumer protection obligations.
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Out The Box Solution

Purpose built for unstructured data discovery, ActiveNav Cloud provides deep insights and delivers a sensitive data risk audit in a single pane of glass view, right out the box.
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Understanding Your Big Picture Data Risk

Our proprietary classification and data scoring shows your overall risk exposure across all connected repositories. Sensitive data hotspots let you drill into mitigate the problem.
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Low Footprint, High Performance

As a true SaaS solution, ActiveNav Cloud costs very little to deploy and maintain. It's scalable and fast, so you can continue to monitor data compliance and maintain an ever-green data inventory.

How ActiveNav Cloud Works

ActiveNav Cloud is a SaaS solution uniquely focused on the problem of establishing and maintaining effective governance of unstructured data wherever it lies. It lies at the heart of any governance program and is the starting point on any journey to Zero Dark Data.

Uncontrolled, Sensitive Data

Worried about compliance because you don't know what's in your unstructured data? IT can't tell you or provide you with a current, understandable picture. Discovery is costly and slow and takes forever to refresh.

High Performance Data Discovery

ActiveNav Cloud discovers all of your unstructured data repositories using high-performance cloud infrastructure. Using a horizontally-scalable architecture, it applies proprietary scoring and classification models to identify data hotspots and present the big picture of your data in a single pane of glass. Everything, all in one place.

Unsure About Your Data Compliance?

One of the foundations of privacy compliance is a reliable data map. You can’t protect your data if you don’t even know where it lives or what it’s connected to. To be trusted with user-generated data is a big responsibility. Information governance and stewardship extends beyond just privacy regulations. It’s up to you to hold your data management and security to the highest standards.

Data Hotspot Identification

ActiveNav Cloud's proprietary scoring model identifies sensitive data elements wherever they lie, mapping and aggregating them across each relevant control or requirement, from regional privacy regulations to specialist industry requirements. Role-based dashboards identify regulatory hotspots allowing you to drill in to the detail and take disposal decisions to mitigate any risk

Sustain and Manage Governance Over Time

Many organizations implement data discovery but fail to sustain the effort beyond initial implementation. They get overwhelmed by the complexity of reporting and the effort required to take decisions on data. Worse still, they leave it to IT to manage the problem and find it next to impossible to keep their leadership engaged in any progress being made.

Score Monitoring and Exception Management

While ActiveNav Cloud provides all of the capabilities you would expect from a data discovery solution, its dashboards and scoring model provide clear measure of performance across departments, data owners, repositories and geographies. Scores can be compared and monitored over time so that leadership has a clear picture of progress being made and where resources need to be focused. Unique exception management allows legitimate data to be flagged so that scores reflect the performance of the governance program.

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What Clients Are Saying

I’m confident today that by using and partnering with ActiveNav, the work over the last few years has positioned us well for taking the next step of deploying an ECM system and actually having that technology work as intended because of the foundation built and the prep work ActiveNav allowed us to do,
Steve Gonzales

In times of transition, it is crucial that agency heads work with their Senior Agency Official for Records Management and Agency Records Officers to ensure that the importance of records management during transition is communicated within the agency and that all agency officials and employees are properly briefed on their records management responsibilities.

David Ferriero

The services and support teams have been incredibly helpful and responsive with any questions we have. Our legal team has also found the software particularly useful with various e-Discovery functions. We are extremely pleased overall.

Robert McKee

Investing in data protection technologies is a key part of our transformation. Active Navigation has been a good partner for us during our transformation.

Nick Oldham

For one site, in terms of labor savings, it would have taken a human over 9 years to accomplish what we did in a few months. For me, it’s not even about the cost savings, it’s that an actual physical human being couldn’t do this.

Erin DeLorme

Ready to Get Started?

ActiveNav Cloud deploys fast and gives results in minutes with just 3 easy steps
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Step 1

Download and install an on-premise collector or enable a cloud collector
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Step 2

Tell ActiveNav Cloud about the repository you need to discover and grant it access permissions
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Step 3

Click on your favorite view and watch the results roll in showing what you've got in a single dashboard

Get a Complete Picture of Your Data

All of your unstructured data, on-premise or in the cloud, visualized, at scale, in a single pane of glass