Address File Share Sprawl

Reduce costly manual review processes by identifying folder and file owners to improve the accuracy of identifying appropriate reviewers

Protect Client Information

Data classification helps you understand what types of personal data you're collecting and where it's stored

Make Data-Driven Decisions with the Right Information

Ensure that your employees are using the correct, current version of a file or spreadsheet when making decisions

Leverage Data Insights to Improve Process Efficiency

Automatically classify files using business taxonomies to apply metadata tags that aid search, findability and retrieval information

Beginning-to-End Defensible Deletion

Defensibly dispose of sensitive data to enforce data retention periods

Comply with Comprehensive Regulations

Detailed textual content analysis monitors for sensitive data including PII, PHI and PCI helping you achieve compliance with regulations including GDPR, CCPA, FINRA and SOX

Start Your Journey to Zero Dark Data

It's time to understand your unstructured data fully