What Clients Are Saying

"Again, without ActiveNav I don’t know that our organization would be ready today to take those next steps. Thankfully, it was a very enjoyable project because of those outcomes, and certainly the highlight of my career that, again, I was able to enjoy thanks to that partnership and the outcomes and success that we accomplished together.”

Steve Gonzales

Get Results the ActiveNav Way

You are a problem solver with responsibility for protecting and getting value from your company’s data. You are proactively looking for solutions, but gathering the support you need to do the right thing is tough. You’ve tried other solutions, but they take a lot of effort and don’t seem to provide a solution that works for your unique organizational needs. You know there’s something better out there, but all your time is spent in meetings and firefighting immediate issues. There’s no time for you to actually find and organize the data you need to protect.

ActiveNav will discover, score, and sort all your organization's unstructured data so you know everything you have and can accurately assess your risk profile. Our proprietary service discovers all the data in your organization, regardless of file type, and score for risk as well as organize for compliance reporting.

Try ActiveNav Cloud risk-free for 30 days and start your journey towards zero dark data. Trust our experience that’s made a difference in hundreds of companies across 6 continents. Clean, organize, and assess your unstructured data risk, and be prepared with ActiveNav.



What will you need from my IT team?

Your IT team provides our service access to each repository. Your existing information governance or records management professionals configure any custom policies, and Active Nav Cloud will bring that to life, all enabled by our dedicated Customer Success team.

How do you provide value?

The ActiveNav Cloud service identifies and scores sensitive data against privacy and any other data regulations so organizations can manage their risk and compliance. It drives data reduction and minimization as a cornerstone of governance and underpins records retention in tricky unstructured data repositories.

Will it make a difference?

Out of the box scores and classifications and high-performance reporting will find regulatory and aging data hotspots in minutes, not hours. You can drill into the problems in three clicks and quickly make disposal decisions with disruption to end users.

Is your platform secure?

We're an ISO27001-compliant organization assuring our entire operation from front to back. Also, ActiveNav Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure cloud platforms. You can learn more about our security posture here.

Is it really a risk-free trial?

Of course. ActiveNav can be up and running within hours and generates results almost immediately. If the insights it provides don't satisfy or you're not impressed by the expertise of our implementation experts, you can cancel any time within the first 30 days.

Why should I worry about unstructured data?

Unstructured data is growing exponentially and its dark, hiding a huge range of spilled sensitive data, aging and redundant data and valuable intellectual property. In the event of a breach, this data is easy pickings for any hacker and it drives up the cost and risk of any legal event or insider bad actor.

How are you different than what I already have?

We often get asked about how we compare with data loss prevention, data access management or privacy platforms. The bottom line is that these solutions are expensive to implement and fail to provide usable results across challenging repositories such as on-premise file shares, Exchange, or Google Workspace. Our focus on unstructured data provides clear, actionable paths for disposal and sustainable governance. What's more, it's easy to deploy and cost-effectively maintain over time.

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