"Again, without ActiveNav I don’t know that our organization would be ready today to take those next steps. Thankfully, it was a very enjoyable project because of those outcomes, and certainly the highlight of my career that, again, I was able to enjoy thanks to that partnership and the outcomes and success that we accomplished together.”

Steve Gonzales

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Highly Customizable Data Discovery

DC Project Suite quickly finds and
classifies unstructured data, identifying
ROT and duplicates, sensitive, records,
and intellectual property, and any
other attribute.
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Action Data In One Interface

Data disposal actions built right into
highly functional reporting, enabling
deletion, quarantine, migration or
labelling without third-party tools.

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Specialist Tools For Records and Migration Mapping

For file plan migration, metadata
creation or records schedules
classification, DC Project Suite
provides a unique data workbench.

Untangle any unstructured data knot, no matter how complex

From clean-up to migration, records identification, or data labeling, DC Project Suite has the tools for the job.

The ActiveNav Difference

ActiveNav DC Project Suite enables you to dig into your unstructured data and clean it up
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Migration Preparation
and Labelling

Identify and cleanup data in preparation for any migration to O365 or any cloud repository. Generate security labels, including Microso Information Protection, and otherclassification labels to tag data in place or on migration, to radically increase data value during the process.

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Take your records retention schedule and model it in DC Project Suite Workbench. Develop and test classifications to understand and adjust rules coverage and performance. Automatically label or re-structure data to apply retention labels for compliance either in place or on migration to a repository of record.

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DC Project Suite is the most mature and robust toolset on the
 market for cleaning up your ROT, aging and duplicate data. Reduce your data footprint for migration efficiency or storage cost reduction

How ActiveNav DC Project Suite Works

Out of Control Data

Unstructured data repositories have run out of control over years of inattention. Filled with aging data, data with no value or duplicated data, you're paying more that you should for keeping it and all of that Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial data masks sensitive data or valuable records

Rules Out of the Box, Endlessly Configurable

DC Project Suite provides a highly configurable set of data discovery tools that allows any information professional to find data against any policy. What's more, it includes ready-made rules to identify and report across sensitive data, ROT and duplication with unique support for duplicate grouping and master identification.

Complex File Plan or Retention Model

Mapping your data and prepping it for migration is a pain. It’s tedious and one small mistake can ruin the whole migration. With complex file plans or records schedules, traditional solutions like massive migration spreadsheets are hard to manage and a real challenge to understand. You deserve a simpler, better solution for your data

Unique Work Bench

DC project suite offers a unique work bench to simplify records and migration mapping. File plan migration, metadata creation or records schedules classification are all made easier with the DC project suite.

Protect and Manage Data on Migration

If you're facing a migration to Microsoft O365, a new file share or any other repository, dark data makes it hard to see the wood from the trees, obscures sensitive non-compliant data, and is likely to involve unwieldy or out-of-data file plans. Failing to address these issues will introduce risk into your new environment, adds cost to migration and will increase the chances that users will not engage when its done.

Sensitivity and Record Labelling


DC Project Suite identifies sensitive data and records against any policy hierarchy or records schedule. Both sensitivity and record classification can be mapped against to-be file plans, repository metadata or labelling models such as Microsoft Information Projection. DC Project Suite can then write metadata or apply labels both in place or on migration so that your data is protected and ready to work as soon as it arrives at its destination.

"In times of transition, it is crucial that agency heads work with their Senior Agency Official for Records Management and Agency Records Officers to ensure that the importance of records management during transition is communicated within the agency and that all agency officials and employees are properly briefed on their records management responsibilities."
David Ferriero

See it in Action

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Over 15 billion data files discovered
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We’ve worked on 6 continents and in 30 countries

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Discover all of your organizations Dark Data

Get a Complete Picture of Your Data

Go beyond social identifiers to uncover the true risk profile of your data.