Protect Citizen Data

Find and remediate sensitive data such as PHI and CUI that is not suitable for public release using automated PII and keyword identification rules

Respond Faster to FOIA Requests

Quickly index an entire network to find relevant data pertaining to specific FOIA requests

Reduce Sensitive Information Spillage

Prevent information spillage by protecting documents that contain sensitive information

Enforce Records Management Policies

Create records inventories and file plan structures to discover and auto-categorize files into functional groupings and retention schedules

Confidently Move to the Cloud

Create a data map of legacy content and minimize data by identifying Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) and duplicate data, ensuring only useful information is migrated to the cloud

Develop a Robust Data Governance Program

Establish a strong data management program in support of the Federal Data Strategy with measurable, auditable workflows

Start Your Journey to Zero Dark Data

It's time to understand your unstructured data fully