2nd April 2007

Active Navigation are sponsoring Butler Group’s forthcoming IMC Symposium:
Information Management and Collaboration. Managing Corporate Information for Efficiency and Value 02-03 May 2007, London.

Information technology is a great leveller: it enables smaller organisations to automate business processes in order to compete with much bigger companies; and it enables larger enterprises to manage and maintain growth, scale and agility. However, while transactional IT systems undoubtedly provide organisations with the motive force required to compete within a given market, it is the organisation’s information management systems that inform judgement, set direction, and control corporate destiny.

Elizabeth E Flaharty, Program Manager, Defense Acquisition Information Management Retrieval (DAMIR), US Department of Defense will be presenting a case study at 14:20 on th 3rd May on behalf of Active Navigation: Enterprise Search Meets Business Intelligence – Making the most of Structured and Unstructured Information Sources. The case study focuses on Business Intelligence issues within DAMIR, the Knowledge Management strategy, transparency of data and access to virtual libraries.