Unstructured data remains the toughest of any organization's information assets to effectively and efficiently govern. There are many factors at the heart of this challenge:

  • It's been neglected over many years, effectively left to decay in file shares and mailboxes.

  • Knowledge workers often assert that the data is valuable, despite the evidence to the contrary.

  • There's a lot of it, spread across a diverse range of repositories which cannot be easily interacted with at scale.

  • It comes in diverse shapes, sizes and formats which are hard to generalize.

  • Determining ownership can become all but impossible as the years roll by.


Here at ActiveNav, we are committed to a solution that underpins our customers' information governance program and finally enables them to be proactive in their approach to unstructured data. Zero Dark Data is our North Star and our unstructured data analytics make this possible, providing insights into that data, wherever it lies. While our products provide a range of automated capabilities to handle unstructured data, the fact is that the special nature of this data means that automation needs to be complemented with compelling and flexible visualization so that decisions can be made defensibly, at scale, with the right context. The unstructured data analytics features provided by ActiveNav Cloud achieve that and are just one example of what sets us apart.

While our customers use insights provided by our products to get to the heart of their data, the arrival of unstructured data analytics makes it possible for us to share selected insights with the wider community. Staying true to our commitment to protect and be good stewards of our customers data, these insights will never expose anything remotely sensitive. Rather, they will provide a range of different ways for information nerds to geek out with us on cool stats and, perhaps, measure what they see in their organization against what we share.

We'll start simple and build over time, sharing new updates periodically as we discover ever more interesting stuff. Our new Unstructured Data Insights page will act as a window into the world of unstructured data metrics, and we'll add commentary as we go. Ever wondered how your aging data stacks up with the rest of the world? Check out our insights page to see what's what. Want to know if your data composition is 'normal'? See what our insights have to say.

If you want to learn more about unstructured data analytics features in ActiveNav Cloud, check out this feature spotlight. To geek out on our shared unstructured data insights, visit our Insights page.