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“I would say the one common denominator really is people and culture… when we have the right people in the right roles, and then the culture of collaborating and being transparent, in my mind that is the common denominator and it can just make or break any initiative out there.”

“People, processes, and technology” is probably a mantra you’ve heard before. And when it comes to data management, it’s an important formula to get just right.

It’s no secret that companies are overwhelmed by the amounts of data they’re collecting, storing, and managing. To mitigate the risk that comes with storing sensitive and redundant data, organizations must understand the data they have, dispose of what they don’t need, and harness the value of what they keep. Easier said than done! However, data management becomes, well, more manageable with the right people, processes, and technology in place.

This week on P3, Dora Boussias – Director, Enterprise Architecture and Data Strategy at Stryker – joins the show to discuss the human element of data management. What should organizations consider when driving cultural change? How can organizations break down silos and work more cross-functionally? When should teams consider change management during project planning? As a transformational leader with experience driving change at global organizations, Dora offers her thoughts on these questions and more.

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