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It’s not often you hear “science fiction” and “information governance” in the same sentence. What’s the tie in? Theo Priestly – this week’s guest on The Project Privacy Podcast – shares how they’re closer than you think!

As a globally recognized and sought-after futurist and international speaker, author, and authority on the future of business and technology, plus a self-proclaimed movie buff, Theo analyzed popular works of science fiction to note how information and data is stored, accessed, managed, and lost in depictions of the future.

“Despite all the technology, despite how we want to store [information] and access it, you really need people at the core.”

Have predictions from movies decades-old come true? What lessons can we take from Star Wars on how not to manage data? What is the fate of information governance? Tune in to find out.

Futuristic library as seen in Star Wars

The Jedi library on Coruscant as seen in Star Wars, referenced during the podcast.

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