As everyone should know, our North Star Vision is for our customers to reach a state of Zero Dark Data. That is, a place where they understand all of their unstructured data so that they can take informed decisions regarding its value, compliance, protection, disposition and long-term governance, wherever it lies. This is especially important for unstructured data because it represents the wild west of data in any organization. From file shares to email, Teams to Slack, SharePoint to Google Workspace Drive, the way files, images, presentations. spreadsheets and messages (to name a few) are created, shared and retained represents a growing liability as well as a potential source of future value.


Since its almost impossible to predict what will happen in any organization’s unstructured data, we believe it is critical that compliance and governance teams can visualize all of that data so that they can identify issues and dig to the root of any problem before taking action. Given the volumes of data involved, we’ve chosen Microsoft’s cutting-edge Fabric data environment to provide the backbone of ActiveNav Cloud’s unstructured data analytics capabilities. Specifically, ActiveNav Cloud now uses Microsoft’s OneLake architecture which takes the current capabilities of Synapse and joins it with new query processing technologies to massively increase the potential scalability and performance. As a result, ActiveNav Cloud’s role-based dashboards and visualizations can report across 100s of terabytes of unstructured data, on the fly, without the need for long and drawn out ETL (extract, transform, load) processes.

Powered by Microsoft Fabric, ActiveNav Cloud puts compliance and governance teams in touch with their unstructured data, so that they can identify compliance hotspots from the top-down and focus their effort where it matters.