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“There is significant reputational damage where people will associate you as being careless, unethical with their data, which is bad. What’s even worse, in my opinion, is that you might put somebody’s life in danger.”

Nishant Bhajaria is no stranger to privacy and technology. With a career path that began in software engineering and has led him to privacy roles at Google, Netflix, and currently Uber, Nishant can see the larger privacy picture.

With knowledge and experience in areas from compliance to governance, Nishant has complied his learnings into a single book, Privacy by Design. The resource is designed to serve privacy professionals no matter where they are in their career. It gives executives an understanding of how to allocate resources, gives senior leaders the tools to help hire the right people, and gives hands-on engineers techniques to work with on a daily basis.

During this week’s podcast episode, Nishant shares actionable tips for privacy professionals straight from his book and gives real-life examples of how he has implemented privacy by design!

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

– What is “privacy by design”
– What happens when privacy is overlooked
– How thinking of privacy as a feature, rather than an afterthought, can benefit your organization

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