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“At the heart of it really is the idea or the notion that individuals, when they give you their data, it’s on loan to you. So you’re a steward of the data; it belongs to the individual.”

This year, Data Privacy Day is all about owning your privacy as a consumer and respecting consumers’ privacy as an organization. But where to begin? Debbie Reynolds, also known as “The Data Diva”, has a few pointers. As the Founder, CEO, and Chief Privacy Officer of Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC, Debbie is a proven privacy expert and has worked with organizations of all sizes and missions to help them tailor their data privacy efforts.

During this week’s podcast episode, Debbie shares her practical tips for consumers concerned about their data, actionable advice for organizations looking to show they respect their consumers’ data, and even shares the backstory behind her awesome nickname!

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

– Where to start when it comes to “owning your privacy” as a consumer
– How to show consumers you respect their data as an organization
– Lessons learned from how WhatsApp communicated changes in their privacy policy

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