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“You need the ability to look inside unstructured data and be able to be very smart about the way you look at it,” says Matthew Bernstein on this week’s episode of P3 – the Project Privacy Podcast. During the episode Matthew dives into the particulars of the New York SHIELD Act, offering clarity to ambiguous terms within the law and giving tips for organizations struggling to achieve compliance.

The episode – moderated by Senior Account Executive Patrick Cardiello – is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere you listen to your podcasts. Matthew currently serves as Founder and Information Management Strategist at MC Bernstein Data and brings decades of experience in information governance to the conversation.

As organizations across the country anxiously await a federal privacy law, companies must take a programmatic approach to data and information governance in order to comply with numerous state privacy and security regulations, the NY SHIELD Act included. Tune in to learn more and subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode!

On this episode, you’ll learn about:

– Explanations to ambiguous definitions of “personal information” and “breach”

– Which departments within an organization should be involved in SHIELD Act compliance efforts

– Tips for companies struggling to become compliant

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