There are many reasons for data migration – everything from replacing or upgrading applications to business process changes, data volume growth, or changing performance requirements. In all these cases, one thing remains the same – the data not only needs to be moved from one place to another but also needs to fit for purpose in the new system. That’s why migrations are complex projects that require time and resources.

If your organization – like thousands of others – is planning to migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft 365 (M365), you’ll want to take some important steps BEFORE the big move. When you properly prepare your content for migration before moving to M365, you reduce manual effort, lower volume-based costs, and improve the quality of your migrated data.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Why a “lift and shift” approach is not going to achieve your migration objectives
  • How to discover, classify, and action your content before migration
  • How to apply Microsoft Information Protection labels during migration for improved data security and protection

You’ll feel confident about your M365 migration plan after watching this webinar.