It’s a good day. The commute from your kitchen to your home office was seamless – no stepping on Legos for you. Your morning cup of coffee was brewed just how you like it. AND you’ve just found out that you’ve been given the green light to migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365™! But wait – now you need to move all your data to M365…

Some organizations struggle to get going or peter out before finishing their migration due to organizational concerns that range from knowing what data to move to compliance and security. Several considerable M365 migration challenges should be considered to avoid setbacks and additional expenses. Watch the replay of speakers from ActiveNav, Ricoh eDiscovery, and Microsoft as they provide actionable steps for preparing for a move to M365. After watching this webinar, you’ll feel confident about your migration plan.

During this lively discussion, the panelists discussed:

  • Why a “Lift and Shift” approach is not the answer
  • How to discover, classify, and action your content before migration
  • How to apply Microsoft Information Protection labels during migration for improved data security and protection