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“Information is like water, right? If you don’t give it a certain container structure, it would just flow everywhere – it will take on any shape… So the strategy around how you want to shape the information is really around how do you want to structure the information?

This week on P3, Diana Chen, Vice President, Business Development & Content Strategy at General Networks Corporation, joins the show to share her insights on migrating to M365.

Diana brings content management expertise and years of experience in project management to the conversation as she chats with ActiveNav’s Steve Matthews about key challenges (outside of technology) that organizations often face at the start of their digital transformation journey, practical tips for companies considering a migration to M365, and more.

General Networks is an industry-leading IT systems integrator and one of ActiveNav’s valued partners. They deliver technology consulting and specialize in content management for customers who need to manage and process business-critical information.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Common challenges faced by organizations carrying our major transformation initiatives
– What to consider prior to implementing M365
– How to minimize disruption to the business during migration initiatives

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