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“Being truly data-driven requires changing mindsets, changing attitudes, and changing habits to really embed data into the identity of the organization. People have to want to use data and encourage others to do the same… That’s why having a data culture is so critical.”

Ian Yee, Public Sector Strategy Manager at Tableau, joins the FEDSpace Podcast to talk about how agencies can make better use of their data. With over 15 years in the military, stints at large consulting firms, and time spent as an analytics manager for senior government executives under his belt before joining Tableau, Ian brings a unique perspective to the topic.

Tune in for his advice about how to better understand and utilize federal data (Tableau Blueprint can help!) as well as four of his lessons learned about data management that agencies can continue to employ post-pandemic.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Benefits agencies will see if they embrace and invest in a data culture
– How federal agencies can better utilize their data

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