Pandora did it. You can, too.

Have you been looking for ways to kill your company’s file share, once and for all?

If you attended the recent AIIM virtual event on Information Governance, you probably came away with a long list of ideas and tips for how to start killing your file share using IG best practices. We were excited to have our customer, Pandora, present a case study on their IG initiative using Active Navigation’s file analysis solution. If you missed it, or would like more details, you can download the full case study here.

Download the Pandora Case Study

With the help of our file analysis and governance experts, the Pandora GRC team discovered that at least 60 percent of its unstructured data had no value and there was no business or legal reason to continue to spend precious resources on protecting and storing it. So they took control, realizing significant security, privacy, cost, and productivity benefits along the way.

 As Pandora’s GRC team started down the IG path, the team quickly realized that the company’s culture, in the absence of formal guidance, policies, and tools that enabled anything different, was essentially to Keep Everything Forever, or “KEF.” Doug Meier, Pandora’s Director of Trust & Compliance, has this to say about the process:

“As we went through this process, we discovered that people really don’t want to keep their data forever. After they understand IG, they actually embrace it because it allows them to do a better job.”
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