For the past few years, even as the rest of the world went into lockdown, hackers only increased their activity. This was certainly true in the last year, as organizations saw potential cyber threats to common tools like CLM or Microsoft Teams and Slack. Cybersecurity remains among the highest priorities in all legal organizations, including courts.

The Russian war in Ukraine also added risks to the cyber landscape, as cyber insurers weighed limiting their “war exclusion clauses” and cyber insurance costs increased. Business activities largely spurred by the pandemic, like the use of co-working spaces, further upped cybersecurity concerns. Responses to increased cyber concerns included a new New York cyber CLE requirement and the EU’s attempt at the first comprehensive cybersecurity legislation.

The following is a collection of predictions from experts in the legal industry on what to expect from cybersecurity in 2023 including one from Peter Baumann, ActiveNav’s CEO, about the effect of the War on Ukraine and cybersecurity.