Finding it hard to kill your company’s file shares once and for all? Here’s a little extra motivation.

We understand: It’s not easy to kill your file shares.

When you bring it up in meetings, management just shrugs and quips, “So what? Storage is cheap!”

Right. (Sigh.)

To make matters worse, employees have developed a “Keep Everything Forever” mentality. Because you just never know when you’ll need that Presentation_V17.pptx. Or one of the 16 versions that precede it…each one fully loaded with graphics and containing sensitive corporate data.

Nope, it’s not easy to kill your file shares. That’s why we put together this video to help give you a little extra motivation to finish them off for good, AND have fun doing it.

Go ahead. Kill your file shares.

Still frustrated? Take a few minutes out of your busy day to play our Paper Flick game and toss those files here for some short-term gratification:

PLAY THE GAME:KillYourFileShares

Once you’ve had a little fun, take advantage of our offer to save 25-35% on our Content Compliance solution and let us help youkill your file shares once and for all.