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This week on the FEDSpace Podcast, we dive into innovation, collaboration, and federal data with Eileen Vidrine, Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Air Force.

“We understand that today’s professionals that are entering our workforce have grown up digital natives, which means that they’re data natives. So, they’ve grown up driving data insights, and they want that capability to inform them on their mission on a daily basis.”

As we chat with Eileen about the agency’s data modernization efforts, two things become very clear. First, she and her team are incredibly busy! Second, innovation and collaboration are key to building a strong foundation for future data governance and analytics programs.

Between the launch the Innovation Connect and Datathon series, the release of the DoD Data Strategy, building an implementation plan specific to the Air Force, and everything in between, Eileen has her hands full. But all these projects share a similar underlying thread: learning from each other to drive positive change.

With a strong data management program foundation built, Eileen now energizes her team with #velocity.

“We have some core pieces that have been built and it’s going to give us the capability to really accelerate that culture change as we move forward.”

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

– How programs like the Innovation Connect and Datathon series have helped foster Air Force collaboration
– The impact of the recently released DoD Data Strategy on Air Force data modernization efforts
– What’s on the horizon for Air Force data modernization

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