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“As technology continues to advance and data and information continue to be created in just a rapid, rapid velocity, I don’t think we have a choice to have IT and IM sit separately anymore. It’s really not an option.”

This week on P3, Jeff Ball, Director of Open Government and Data Governance at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), joins the show to talk about how information management (IM) and information technology (IT) can be integrated more closely.

Having worked in both functional areas over the course of his career, Jeff now uses his experience to help bridge the gap between the two areas which currently operate as silos in many organizations. Tune in to hear more about Jeff’s initiatives and success stories at the RCMP, plus his words of wisdom for facilitating conversations between information management and information technology counterparts.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Key differences between IM and IT that might be cause for the “two different languages”
– How learning the IT language from the IM perspective, and vice versa, can aid success in an organization
– Practical tips for bridging the language gap between information management and information technology

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