Summary: As you get ready to (finally!) kill your company’s file share, it is a good idea to determine your organization’s current information governance (IG) maturity level. Here, we give you a detailed model to help you determine the answer.

In our last blog post, we gave you the Top 5 Reasons to Kill Your File Share. But, before you take a sledgehammer and start smashing away, it can be helpful to understand your organization’s current information governance (IG) maturity level. If your response to that is to snort laughter, you are not alone! In a recent survey, when the Information Governance Initiative asked participants about their IG Maturity levels, the vast majority of practitioners ranked the overall maturity of their IG programs and their components at either a nascent or an intermediate level. When asked whether any accountability for IG had been delegated to someone in their organization, 60% said no.

That is not to say there are no IG initiatives in place. According to the report, “Very few practitioners ranked their programs as non-existent. This suggests that most of these organizations at the very least are doing something about IG and, overall, have either some elements in place, and are building the foundation (nascent) or have an established but still developing program and are building the framework and structure (intermediate).”

To help you take a more grownup approach to your information governance initiative, we’ve created this complimentary Capability Maturity Model to help you determine where your company currently fits, and the steps you need to take to grow.

Download the IG Maturity Model here.

The model emphasizes how mature organizations embed process and supporting cultures into their business, moving through repeatability to increasingly proactive practice, as shown below:

IG Maturity Model
Information Governance Maturity Model

In our guide, we also match relevant use cases and activities against each stage of that journey, and outline the benefits that can be achieved in each case. Use this model to support a more detailed exploration of how information governance can become part of your company’s long-term data strategy.

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