Will Fill Crucial Gaps in Monitoring for Privacy Regulatory Compliance 

WASHINGTON, DC – October 13 , 2022 – ActiveNav, a leading data privacy and governance software provider, has unveiled ActiveNav Cloud Teams Collector, the marketplace’s first cloud-based tool that searches Microsoft Teams channel conversations and identifies risky, unstructured data in both conversations and files (Word, Excel, PDFs) stored in those channels – areas of particular risk. 

ActiveNav Cloud Teams Collector automatically searches company-created Teams channel conversations, a process that until now has been manually tedious. With millions of employees globally sharing data and files through channel conversations every day, this new feature of ActiveNav Cloud is explicitly designed to fill crucial gaps in data visibility and engender much greater efficiency when searching for risky unstructured data. This will significantly enhance a company’s monitoring capabilities for compliance with fast-evolving privacy regulations.  

“With the rapid rise of new privacy laws and so relative few businesses prepared for full compliance, there’s a self-evident need for the essential capabilities of ActiveNav Cloud Teams Collector to ensure compliance with those laws and regulations,” said ActiveNav CEO and co-founder Peter Baumann. “The need is great because the costs of non-compliance may likely be far greater. We are excited to be the first in the industry to solve this need to find data in the places people are using.”    

ActiveNav Cloud itself has been uniquely built to handle the challenges of mapping unstructured data repositories, enabling risk mitigation and compliance with such laws and regulations. As the January 1, 2023 deadline looms for the California Privacy Rights Act going into effect, only 11% of companies are in compliance with its predecessor, the CCPA.     

Recent research and survey data demonstrates an urgent need for these capabilities within the business sector as so many businesses appear deficient and unprepared. An Osterman Research white paper that surveyed those involved in developing “their organization’s policies and practices regarding data protection and management,” found a “dubious level of preparedness, even as more and more personal data keeps getting created and collected.” 

Other new features of ActiveNav Cloud include: 

  • Target Search: A company can search across their unstructured data estate for data subject identifiers of a particular person, i.e. the “Target”, to fulfill a data subject access request (DSAR) using PII submitted by that person through a DSAR workflow.  
  • Visualization enhancements: The addition of a single pane-of-glass view for MSFT365 and Google Workspace drive – which adds to ActiveNav Cloud’s current lineup of views of Microsoft’s Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams channels and Network File System. 

“ActiveNav Cloud is a vital tool in our organization’s journey of determining the age and the risk scores of our accumulated unstructured data,” said Ruvilyn Gatchalian, Electronic Records Advisor for Canada’s Black Gold School Division. “It helps us be in compliance with record and information regulations and sustain leaner document, records and information repositories.” 

For more information on ActiveNav cloud or to schedule a demo, visit: https://activenav.com/solutions/inventory/ 



About ActiveNav 

ActiveNav is a leading data privacy and governance software provider. With ActiveNav, enterprises, federal agencies and public sector entities can map, clean, classify, quarantine and delete sensitive, redundant, obsolete and trivial data. Hundreds of leading companies and government agencies trust ActiveNav to help them control sensitive data and support compliance with various data privacy regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR. ActiveNav Inc. is headquartered in the DC metro area and has offices in Europe and Australia. For more information, please visit ActiveNav.com or follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.  



Jessi Adler