We’re excited to share that ActiveNav has been recognized as a Data Discovery technology vendor in Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for Privacy.

Gartner clients use Hype Cycles to get educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of their industry and individual appetite for risk.

According to Gartner’s analysis, “Data Discovery solutions improve organizations’ ability to manage ever-expanding repositories of structured and unstructured data in on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructures. They increase visibility of disparate and unorganized sources of information. They enable compliance teams to improve insight into policy adherence and sensitive information, including personal data (PD); and enable security teams to improve visibility of sources of data access risk.”

ActiveNav’s new Cloud service provides unstructured data discovery capabilities for building and maintaining a comprehensive inventory and providing actionable insights as a foundation for any privacy compliance or information governance program. ActiveNav focuses on unstructured data because it is uniquely problematic for any organization with traditional solutions being costly to deploy and sustain while failing to offer the insights and features necessary for a sustained program.