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“Records management is really at an inflection point. The industry was, literally for thousands of years, focused on preservation and it was largely ‘out of sight, out of mind’… As it’s become this explosion of information, records managers have become really critical.”

Dan Elam is the former US Technical Expert to the International Standards Organization, past chair of the ANSI OCR standards committee, and a frequent author. Dan is the Tom Hanks of the records management (RM) space. Everyone knows him and he’s been in the industry long enough to witness (and take part in) significant changes. To extend the comparison further, Dan has played many roles during his RM tenure – one of which being an oracle of sorts.

We invited Dan, who is the Director of Advisory Sales at Lighthouse Global, on the show to reflect on several predictions he made almost a decade ago. During the episode, he once again plays the role of “psychic” as he shares his predictions for the future of records management over the next five to ten years. *Makes note in calendar to invite Dan back in 2026 to see what has come true…

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In this episode, you’ll learn about:

– Significant changes in records management over the past decade
– Driving forces behind RM advancements
– Words of wisdom for other RM professionals

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