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“I often make the comparison to an orchestra… these different disciplines [records management, knowledge management, etc.] are various instruments in the orchestra and the outcome that you want is beautiful music – or data-driven decisions. So they all have to work well together, they have to listen to each other, they have to understand each other, and somebody needs to be up there waving the baton and understanding how they all fit together.”

This week on the FEDSpace Podcast, we’re joined by Mark Patrick, CIP, Chief of the Information Management Division within the Secretariat of the Joint Staff in the US Department of Defense.

After finding his way to information management after spending a large part of his career in the Navy, Mark now focuses on helping drive better processes to aid data-driven decision making. During the episode, he shares the vision for his department and the tactics he and his team have employed to aid success.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Tips for bringing together separate, but often overlapping, disciplines such as records and knowledge management
– Advice for federal records management professionals on the journey to a more data-driven culture
– Examples of tactics for solving common records and information management stumbling blocks

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