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This week on the FEDSpace Podcast, we welcome Arian Ravanbakhsh, Supervisor, Policy and Program Support Team (ACPP) at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to chat about the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative, or FERMI.

“[Records mangement] is a key consideration. It’s no different than cybersecurity or any of those kinds of functions that you would think every agency needs to do.”

As part of the team that works in the Office of the Chief Records Officer, Arian helps provide guidance to federal agencies around all things records and information management. As we discuss FERMI, Arian shares his insights on electronic records modernization and tips on implementing modernization policies and strategy.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

– More about FERMI and what it sets out to do
– How the shift to remote work is impacting the adoption of electronic records
– Tips for agencies implementing modernization policies and strategy

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