Release 4.3.7 of the Active Navigation Discovery Center opens up a range of new monitoring and notification options. The focus in this release has been to enable users to stay on top of your content cleansing and governance projects in a proactive manner with automated capabilities for monitoring any connected repository, and to let you know when files that respond to a policy have been found. The top-line feature list for this release includes:

  • Automated pre-caching of important report views to minimize waiting time.
  • Rapid creation of saved views from our report viewer.
  • Allocation of views to reviewers so that they only see the views that are important or relevant to them. Allocated reviewers will automatically be informed when there are results ready for their attention.
  • Introduction of Work Packages to support directed and managed review of any content report and oversight of review progress.
  • E-mail integration and notification control so that you can receive updates from the system when key events occur or when content matching a specific report is found.
    In addition, to these exciting new aspects we have also taken the chance to clean up the presentation of the user interface and have added options to the container report to enable users to control the depth of reporting and avoid overly complex data sets.
  • An important change in this release is a reorganization of the “out of the box” set of calculated fields, extraction rules and classifications. You will now find that any clean installation is clear of unnecessary rules and fields so that you can focus on the ones that are relevant to you. All of our existing rules (and some new ones) have been gathered together and published on our support portal in our rules download section.

This change applies to new installations only, rules are not removed from an existing installation if you are upgrading to this release.