Release 4.3.6 of the Active Navigation Discovery Center has focused on bringing new capabilities for the handling and management of containers – that is, folders, document libraries, sites, shares and servers.

These core improvements provide the ability to review reports and act in the context of the containers within which files are stored, enabling:

  • Folder and site-level sampling of content in reports, speeding up review by a factor of 10 times.
  • The ability to identify and act on containers where all content matches a rule, for example to identify sites where all files are older that a specified retention period.
  • Options for acting on entire containers and their files or just the files alone, including cleaning up empty folders after the action has been completed.
  • The replication and/or merger of container/folder level permissions so that migrated containers take their file share access control lists with them.

In addition, to enable a better overview of results the Area of Interest tab has been rebranded as Reporting Overview and introduces a range of new visualizations that summarize the analysis that has been performed on selected locations

Finally, we have made some performance improvements for file list review from large-scale reports, stability updates for classification and some subtle, but helpful, enhancements to the Classification Designer.