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“There are three problems [with traditional forms of data mapping]. First, it takes time. Second, you’re relying on an individual having knowledge of what the problem is and what’s out there – and that’s just not the case anymore. And third, the minute someone walks out the door and the prototype process is finished, the map’s out of date.”

Faced with complex data privacy requirements and the constant threat of cyber-attacks, organizations are taking stock of their data estate only to find that they are overwhelmed by the vast volumes of data they’ve created, collected – and ultimately ignored.

Traditional forms of data mapping, like custodian surveys and spreadsheets, are ill-suited to address a host of new privacy regulations and data concerns. Ultimately, this means having visibility into your entire digital footprint, which can only be achieved with continuous, automated data mapping.

This week on P3, two of ActiveNav’s resident data mapping experts, Rich Hale, Chief Technology Officer, and Jeff Dunning, Implementation Engineer – join the show to discuss the need for organizations to achieve complete visibility into their entire data estate. After all, you cannot protect data that  you don’t know exists. Rich and Jeff also discuss ActiveNav InventoryTM, our new hybrid-cloud platform that allows you to quickly discover and map data across diverse data repositories.

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