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“It’s important to have a governance by design approach where your data governance is brought to the table at the beginning stages of your data initiatives to ensure that you can make decisions that will enable you to be more agile and have fundamentally sound data governance… it’s amazing what a business can accomplish and the speed at which you can move when you have governance in play at the outset.”

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? While this particular paradox wasn’t the topic of this week’s episode of P3, a similar puzzle is. Lisa Harrison, Senior Director of Data Governance at JLL, joins the show to share her thoughts on whether good data governance leads to good data analytics or vice versa. After all, why spend time and resources analyzing stale and irrelevant data?

With experience at multiple global companies including The Walt Disney Company, Lisa also shares best practices for developing governance policies and standards for organizations that span multiple countries and who manage enormous amounts of data. Hint: find advocates and don’t try to boil the ocean.

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In this episode, you’ll learn about:

– The interplay between governance and analytics
– How good governance practices can give your organization a competitive advantage
– Tips for approaching policies and standards within a global company

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