As we continue to invest in capabilities for information governance in the legal sector, we’re excited to announce that ActiveNav Cloud now connects to and discovers data stored in ShareFile. This means that content in ShareFile now appears in our dashboards alongside unstructured data in other repositories including file shares, Office 365 (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange), iManage, Google Workspace and Box to build a comprehensive inventory and confidently maintain privacy compliance and respond to client audit requests.

Many organizations, across a wide range of industry sectors, including the legal industry, rely on ShareFile to safely and securely share high value and sensitive data with their customers and partners. However, as time passes and relationships evolve this data can frequently be left unattended and can be forgotten leading to the risk of data being inappropriately retained after a given case is closed. What's more, inadvertent storage of sensitive regulated data in shared environments such as ShareFile can lead to breach or loss if not properly monitored.

In pursuit of our vision for Zero Dark Data, ActiveNav Cloud provides a unified, single pane of glass view, across our customers' entire unstructured data estate. For that reason, we’ve added ShareFile to our ever-growing list of supported repositories. ShareFile can be added to any ActiveNav Cloud subscription.