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“It makes communication for records management much more difficult because we’re not always housed in the same department [across organizations]… Records management needs to be where it’s going to be best supported – where the administrators have the most interest in giving them the funds and the resources and the authority they need to get the job done.”

In 2016, millennials became the largest generation in the United States labor force according to the Pew Research Center. As the number of millennial professionals rises, it becomes increasingly important to understand how best to communicate with one of the workforce’s younger generations.

This week, Samara Carter, University Records Officer at George Mason University, joins us on P3 to offer her advice on this very topic. As a self-proclaimed older millennial, she brings a first-hand perspective to what motivates this age group. With nearly a decade of experience in records management, Samara also offers tips for records professionals struggling to communicate with other departments within their organization effectively.

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