Active Navigation are sponsoring Butler Group’s forthcoming IMC Symposium:

Information Management and Collaboration
Extending the Reach and Range of Corporate Information Systems
14-15 May 2008, London

Information management and collaboration technologies are great levellers, as they enable smaller organisations to compete with much bigger companies and they also, when used effectively, enable larger enterprises to manage and maintain growth, scale, and agility. And while it is undoubtedly an organisation’s transactional IT systems that provide the motive force required to compete within a given market, it is the business or institution’s information management and collaboration systems that inform judgement, support decisions, and actuate strategies.

Active Navigation are a Gold Sponsor of this event and will be conducting a number of Application Labs during the two day event. We will also be presenting a case study on the first day as follows:

16.00 – 16.30 Information Exploitation Underpinned by Information Management:
How proactive Information Management, through procedures and tools, enables effective Information Exploitation: Sqn Ldr Geoff Gray MBE, IX Ops 2 Primary Joint HQ, introduced by Peter Baumann, CEO, Active Navigation

Event’s Agenda: