RSD, a leading provider of Information Governance solutions for the enterprise, and Active Navigation, the provider of innovative content discovery and transformation solutions, announced today a new technology partnership that will tackle content clean up and intelligent policy enforcement for a full lifecycle management solution. RSD’s in-place policy management and enforcement technology is a new and pragmatic way to secure compliance as part of an Information Governance strategy. This new partnership brings together two industry leading innovators, offering integrated capabilities to provide enterprises with the strength of the RSD GLASS® platform complemented by the analytical power of Active Navigation.

Through this partnership, using the EDRM specification to achieve close integration, Active Navigation identifies relevant information for subsequent governance by RSD GLASS.

  • Active Navigation de-duplicates and cleanses documents before classifying and making them available for governance with RSD GLASS.
  • Active Navigation reduces the storage space required to manage legacy content thereby enabling RSD GLASS to manage the complete lifecycle of an organizations high value content.
  • Enterprises now have a simple, cost-effective way to capture, tag and retain all content, while complying with cross-jurisdiction policies for Information Governance.

“Active Navigation’s solution brings market-leading file analysis, classification and actionable visualization, supported by a proven methodology,” said Peter Baumann, CEO and founder, Active Navigation. “It ensures complete integrity around the data that is to be kept, stored or deleted. The software also enables the identification of sensitive data and development of classification structures, including metadata augmentation that is a key enabler for continued governance with RSD GLASS.”

“An Information Governance strategy and platform have become a must-have for today’s global companies,” said Pierre Van Beneden, CEO, RSD. “We built RSD GLASS from the ground up with these needs in mind and Active Navigation’s pragmatic and innovative approach was an obvious complement to provide a winning governance capability to our customers.”

“This is exactly the kind of partnership that Information Governance practitioners are looking for,” said Barclay T. Blair, founder and executive director, Information Governance Initiative. “Two Information Governance innovators coming together to offer customers a way to both clean up the past and take control of their information moving forward.”

RSD GLASS lets companies create corporate policies that are actively enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, content repositories, cloud-based applications and paper archives. RSD GLASS helps to mitigate risks and lowers the costs associated with storing information in the cloud, while Active Navigation leads the market with its light touch and pragmatic approach to file analysis enabling actionable content clean-up to be a reality.