8th January 2008

Latest software offers greater flexibility, enhanced performance and an intuitive interface

Active Navigation, a leading information management solutions company, today announces the highly anticipated release of its latest version of its server. This new version strengthens Active Navigation’s capability in enabling companies to regain control over the challenge of exponentially growing digital content and greater empowers them to better management their information assets.

Content Analysis: In a fraction of the time using traditional techniques, Active Navigation reveals hidden and duplicate information within the organisation. Now its new analysis Framework allows greater flexibility in analysing customer content. The modular design makes it easy to create new components for specific retrieval or analysis requirements.
New web-based administration User Interface: To simplify the configuration and scheduling of content analysis (the process by which the Active Navigation server discovers and analyses customer content), a new and simple web-based administration interface has been created.
Performance enhancements for duplication analysis: Active Navigation’s unique theme extraction technology analyses the text of documents and creates automatic summaries of content. Advanced cross referencing of the thematic analysis from documents enables Active Navigation to identify documents with conceptually similar references. This duplication analysis process has been enhanced to reduce memory requirements and to further increase overall performance speed.
In addition, Active Navigation has completed the second release of its suite of applications to support content audit and migration. This set of tools allows customers to rapidly review and cleanse duplicated content, design more appropriate filing structures and then rapidly migrate content into the new structure.
These improvements to Active Navigation’s server make it faster and more efficient. Peter Baumann, Chief Executive at Active Navigation says, “This update deepens capabilities for our customers to operate effective content analysis. Our technology is quite unique and we believe this new release creates a simpler and more intuitive interface to fit our customers’ needs as well as identifying the size of the task associated with migrating content to a new document management system. In a very short time our solution enables inappropriate, redundant and duplicate data to be identified.”