Stay on Top of Your Regulated Data, No Matter How Dark

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Mitigate Risk

Respond to compliance requirements and minimize data to reduce your compliance risks.

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Big Picture

Limit the blast radius of a breach or other data event by having a complete and current picture of all of your unstructured data. 

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Level Up Information Governance

Extend your data map to any regulation or custom policy and inform your entire compliance stack

Why It Matters

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Regulation and customer expectations are evolving rapidly, demanding more of your governance and compliance capabilities. You need to be able to account for your data wherever it is, but do-it-all solutions cost the earth and often don't deliver. If you're serious about data compliance you'll want to attend to and not ignore your dark unstructured data.


Evolving Data


Traditional top-down analysis through stakeholder interviews is out of date as soon as its completed. Our inventory and data maps stay current as your data changes so that you always have the full picture and you always know where all your data lives.


Custom Standards


No two sets of data are the same, and neither are any two businesses compliance requirements. There’s no one size fits all approach and so you need a customizable solution that fits your organizations unique data and regulatory needs.

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Why ActiveNav? We Do Things a Little Different

Unstructured Specialists

We specialize in unstructured data, where other vendors so frequently fail. This means robust discovery, purpose built visualization and a focus on data ownership rather than tools for the IT team.

Low Cost of Ownership

Governance budgets are tight and so our solutions are designed with sharp, transparent pricing and little to no footprint in your environment. This minimizes the load on IT and infrastructure and makes it easier to craft a killer business case.

Configurable to your Business

While we deliver configured and ready to go, our solutions can be readily matched to your specific business needs. This means compliance and controls from Privacy to specific customer data types and beyond to meet all of our unstructured data governance use cases.


Low cost of ownership doesn't mean poor performance. Our use of Microsoft's Azure environment with a scalable microservices architecture delivers performance and responsiveness unlike any comparable solution.

"In times of transition, it is crucial that agency heads work with their Senior Agency Official for Records Management and Agency Records Officers to ensure that the importance of records management during transition is communicated within the agency and that all agency officials and employees are properly briefed on their records management responsibilities."
David Ferriero

What You’ll Get with ActiveNav

Data Discovery

Rapidly discovers the contents of each repository and builds  an inventory of everything that’s there. The content of each file, message, email, and document will be analyzed for context, metadata, and sensitive information regardless of its format.

Scoring and Classification

As well as classifying data for a wide range of use cases from sensitivity, clean up or records, we deploy a unique scoring algorithm that clearly points out the most egregious issues, overall, for each regulation, location and business function.

Hotspot Mapping

Scoring determines where the biggest problems are hidden while role-based visualization maps those issues against data owners, business functions, geography and repository. This means you get all the context you need and can quickly prioritize and get to the heart of the matter with minimum fuss.

Everything in One View

All discovered data, across all repositories, is captured and presented together to be viewed through a single pane of glass. Build a data map for privacy compliance across all your data. Understand data risk by business unit or function and match data sprawl by geography and repository.

Scalable and Responsive

Our cloud service deploys fast and gives results within minutes. You don't have to wait over night, or longer, to learn what you've got and you can monitor all of your data without long waits.  Dashboards remain responsive as the results come in and your inventory grows.

Take the guesswork out of dark data compliance

Know exactly what data is where, and who's responsible