Maximize the Benefits of Microsoft 365


Understand, migrate and manage your full data estate, including data outside the Microsoft environment


As a member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner, ActiveNav enables your enterprise to achieve true digital transformation with M365.


Learn more about how we are helping organizations shine a light on their dark data and discover, cleanse, label and migrate content while minimizing disruption to business users.


Gain full visibility and coverage of your data estate by shining a light on your dark data and uncover what data truly adds value, both on-premise and in the cloud


Identify redundant data, sensitive information, and critical data assets: typically 40%+ of data is identified as redundant and can be actioned through ActiveNav


Migrate only the data you need – typically less than 50% of all data – and increase its business value through sensitivity and retention labeling


Enable automated sensitivity labeling (on-premise and cloud) with no restrictions: significantly reducing manual efforts. Validate existing labels against your current data classification policy


Ensure ongoing governance in M365 – in many organizations 40%+ of labels are incorrect. Report, remediate and maintain control using ActiveNav




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